How is Clean-tech Air Purifier Different?

How is Clean-tech Air Purifier Different?

  • 13 July, 2021
  • Clean Tech

What is an Air Purifier and How Does it Work?

An air purifier or sanitizer is a device that removes contaminants from the indoor air to improve the air quality. They come in many shapes and sizes and can have different features or components. Air purifiers can help with allergies, asthma, dust, smoke, dander, and more. The air purifier, while seemingly a new technology, was actually invented over a hundred years ago in 1823. Since this was the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, scientists set out to create a face mask that could filter the toxic air, especially for firefighters.

Fast forward to the 20th century when the first HEPA, High Efficiency Particulate Air, filters were invented to protect nuclear scientists and soldiers from fallout during the testing and use of the atomic bombs during the Manhattan Project. After the research and discoveries surrounding the UV-C bulb, air purifiers really took a positive turn. Until Clean-tech’s air purifier, the highest rated unit could only filter 99.97% of particulate. Clean-tech's air purifier is able to filter contaminants at a 99.98% rate, the closest to 100% that any unit has ever gotten before. But how does it work?

The process air goes through inside of a Clean-tech air purifier is fairly simple. It is a two stage process that uses a HEPA filter and a UV-C bulb to destroy harmful air particles. First step is the HEPA filter. Most HEPA filters these days consist of fibers that are woven to create a very tight and twisted maze. When particles enter the filter they are trapped inside when they stick to the fibers. HEPA filters will need to be replaced after extended use in any air purifier. The second step in the air’s journey through the Clean-tech air purifier is the UV-C bulb. According to ,UVC lights are UV germicidal bulbs that emit very short ultraviolet wavelengths from 100 to 280 nanometers that damage the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. UVC light does this by damaging the nucleic acid in microorganisms so they cannot unzip for replication. This means the organism cannot reproduce and will die.

Why Do I Need an Air Purifier?

Air purifiers are used all over the world to keep people safe. They sanitize our indoor air to make it healthy and breathable. While maintaining a safe environment, air purifiers can eliminate many of the common contaminants in our air. Unfortunately, our outside world is riddled with pollutants. Just being inside is not an effective escape from these potentially harmful substances. Some people are even more susceptible to the effects of air pollutants, such as those who suffer from asthma and other sensitivities. By adding an air purifier, it is easy to feel safe and secure with the air you are breathing. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you need a Clean-tech air purifier in your home or business.


According to the AAFA, More than 50 million Americans have experienced various types of allergies each year. Also, allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. Seasonal allergies tend to strike during different parts of the year and are triggered mainly by pollen in the air. With the addition of an air purifier that is designed for allergy relief in the home or office, allergens will find themselves trapped in the HEPA filter maze or destroyed by the UV-C bulb.


Second hand smoke is highly toxic, even if you are just briefly exposed. It contains over 7,000 chemicals, 70 of which are known to cause cancer. Second hand smoke can drift in through windows, vents, and even cracks under the door. It is especially harmful and damaging to children and adults alike and causes over 41,000 deaths per year in the United States alone. An air purifier collects the toxic smoke particles in the air and traps them inside the HEPA filter. Those that escape the filter are then killed by the UV-C light.


The fact is, pets are part of the family! But most pets, cats, dogs, hamsters, and even miniature horses all have dander. Did we forget to mention the odors that animals can leave lingering in our home? Spraying aerosol air fresheners can only do so much and can’t get rid of the root problem. Air purifiers are known to trap dander and that pet odor to give us fresh breathable air so matter how many pets we have (this is not an excuse to get 20 dogs).


Cleaning our homes or businesses is just a fact that we have to deal with. It seems like every day there is a new mess to clean up, another toilet to be scrubbed, or some windows to wipe. But cleaning with harsh chemicals can leave behind more than we bargain for. These fumes and particles linger in the air whether we can tell or not. Air purifiers suck in the polluted air and spit back out clean, sanitized air for us to breathe. Finally a cleaning partner that doesn’t complain!


Asthma is a fairly common condition that affects about 25 million Americans. It is characterized by a person's airways becoming inflamed and narrow making it difficult to breathe. This condition can be triggered by allergies, pollen, and breathing in some chemicals. An air purifier can potentially reduce asthma symptoms as it cleans the air in your indoor space.

What sets Clean-tech Air Purifiers Apart?

With so many air purifiers out there, it can be hard to choose the best fit. Once you have made the decision to add an air purifier to your home or office, the next step is choosing the unit that is right for you. Unfortunately with such a saturated market, it can become confusing while searching the internet and reading all the amazing claims each company is making.

With so many qualities a great purifier must have, how do you choose one that has it all? How do you know what you are really getting? Many claim to be the very best but lack the qualities of a Clean-tech air purifier. So what sets Clean-tech apart from the rest?


The Clean-tech air purifier is tiny but mighty! Standing only at 420mm it is the perfect size to stow away in any room. This air purifier is the most effective and powerful for its size. Clean-tech has revolutionized the air purifier design for maximum air exposure to UV-C light. The longer the air is exposed to UV-C light, the more cleaning power. Clean-tech currently has an industry leading 75% product height to UV-C light ratio while in the chamber.


Clean-tech air purifiers are equipped with whisper quiet technology at 45 decibels, about the sound your refrigerator gives off. This ensures that you can still get a restful night’s sleep even when the unit is working hard. If just a quick clean is all that is needed, the purifier has a quick clean mode that is 2 hours long that is a little louder at 58 decibels, think a moderate rainfall.

Bulb Size

Clean-tech uses an ultra powerful and high efficiency 254 nanometer UV-C wavelength bulb that provides the right intensity, dose and duration that's needed to destroy the outer proteins of microorganisms. With a larger bulb than most units on the market, it gives the Clean-tech air purifier the extra power to kill 99.98% of all harmful pollutants in the air.

HEPA filter/UVC combo

The combination of a HEPA filter and a UVC light has proven effective in air purification for decades. Recently, new developments have made it possible for medical grade UVC bulbs to be available to consumers. Clean-tech's two-step air purification process revolutionizes the air purification process by focusing on UVC exposure time rather than just collecting particulates in a filter.

Medical Grade Materials

Clean-tech is one of the first devices to provide medical grade UVC air purification when people are in the same room safely. Clean-tech’s air purifier is designed to sanitize the air around you while you are there. Unlike UV-C bulbs found in hospitals that can damage your eyes and skin, everything happens inside the unit with no visible light. This ensures everyone’s safety when the unit is in use.

Clean-tech Air Purifiers Keep You Safe

Air purifiers have been designed for decades with the health and safety of people in mind. From humble beginnings to incredible technological advancements, these mighty little machines have truly stood the test of time. Clean-tech saw the need for an air purifier that had all the important components of the air purifiers before it, but with more power to clean and sanitize the air to 99.98%. By creating a compact, sleek design, Clean-tech has ensured that this unit will look great on display in any environment, while still small enough to be hidden away if need be.


Clean Tech UVC Air Purifier

Clean-tech UVC Air Purifier


Medical Grade UVC Air Purifier

When using a Clean-tech air purifier in your home or business, you will barely notice it is in the room with the whisper quiet technology. If you are leaving for the day, just switch on the quick two-hour cleaning mode. Working together, the oversized, medical grade UV-C bulb will do its job of destroying any extra particulates the HEPA filter can’t snare in its tight web of fibers.

The time and hard work that was dedicated to creating the perfect air purifier is a testament to how much Clean-tech cares for their customers. For the production of the Clean-tech air purifier, they partnered with Foxconn, the largest global manufacturer that is behind the iPhone and Playstation. With quality that is trusted by millions around the world, Foxconn has made Clean-tech’s dreams of a clean air future possible. After the events of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have been returning to work and now require a safe breathing space for all of the employees.

Clean-tech saw this as an opportunity to help the community get back to normal and prevent future illness from spreading. All Clean-tech air purifiers have a one year warranty and have been lab tested for quality assurance.

In the end, it all comes down to the feeling of safety and security and what that is worth to us. We live in a world that is full of potential hazards and even though we can feel safe in our homes, there are unseen contaminants that we can breathe in. The air we breathe is directly correlated to our overall health.

The simple solution of a top quality, efficient Clean-tech medical grade air purifier can put you on the right path of becoming healthier and happier. From reduced allergies to better sleep, air purifiers have shown to be a viable solution to a lot of the factors that can cause us harm. By cleansing and sanitizing the air that surrounds us on a daily basis, we can ensure that we are keeping ourselves safe! Clean-tech air purifiers are leading the way to clean air for everyone, one unit at a time.

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