Best Home UVC Air Purifier for 2022

Revolutionary two-stage air purification with a HEPA rated filter and medical grade UVC light.


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        Powerful Air Filter Sanitization
        for Viruses & Bacteria

        Traditional Air Purifiers collect or trap particles and dust rather than destroying them. Airborne particles are much smaller than droplets and can linger in the air for longer. Air currents can also carry them longer distances.

        Effective UVC Light Air Disinfection & Inactivation

        HEPA Air Filter and Medical Grade UVC Light Bulb

        Cleantech’s 2-Stage air purification rethinks the fundamentals by focusing on maximum UVC exposure time rather than just collecting pollution and maximizing air volume.

        Stage 1

        Hepa Air Filter

        Full room filtration starts with a Hepa rated H11 filter that removes larger particles so the next stage can be most effective.

        Stage 2

        Medical Grade UVC Light bulb

        A powerful 254nm UVC ultra high efficiency short-wave quartz light tube intensified with mirror grade reflection technology.

        3 Times More Powerful & Effective than other Air Purifiers

        Revolutionary design for maximum air exposure to UV-C light. The longer the air is exposed to UV-C light, the more cleaning power.

        5-Star Air Purifier Customer Reviews


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